Highlighting Candy Kristovich and the work she has done over the last year in her classroom with an extended STEM based lesson on Food Waste. Candy has done an excellent job of asking questions and letting the students’ interest help guide where the project goes. I have attached a photo of the write-up that was published in the Pacific Education Institute (PEI) FieldSTEM Journal for Spring/Summer 2019. The students presented at the North American Association of Environmental Education Conference last fall and then were invited to display their project at the Governor’s STEM Alliance Meeting last February. The students worked with community stakeholders in an exchange of information event and have since put together an action plan and infographic regarding food waste. A video of the students’ presentation can be found here
Students are working this year to collect food waste from lunch and set up composting here at school as part of their action plan that was developed last year. This September, Candy was honored as PEI’s FieldSTEM Teacher of the Year for her work in facilitating this project with students.